Reporting Period: 21.04.2021 up to 02.05.2021

  1. Preparations

1.1. Registration:

In March 2020 the Coronavirus lockdown in Afghanistan and quarantined of Kabul, it has adversely affected Lakhes of daily wage earners, servants, construction workers, daily laborers, taxi drivers, and so on, DARMAN selected and registered 600 families on starting of Lockdown in Karte nau area of Kabul province where our Office is and projects are going on during and after our every distribution many more very poor new family coming for registered after the 5th distribution we registered 1200 families, now after our this 6th distribution for 1200 families, still many more poor and stranger families came and request for registration, we apologized and tell them that we no longer have distribution, but they are crying a lot, put pressure and say our children are hungry they do not leave the office until they are registered. So we have to register them, up to date the new registration number raised up to 1800 families.

1.2. Procurement of distribution materials:

 The procurement team of DARMAN, first received 3 quotations from different wholesalers for all distribution materials, and for final selection we discussed and successful quotation selected.

After selection of quotation, the procurement team purchased the distribution materials according to the budget which is listed below:

  1. 1200 bags of wheat flour.

  2. 1200/5lit bottle of cooking oil.

  3. 1200/5kg bags of Beans.

  4. 1200/1kg bags of Tea.

  5. 1200/2kg bags of sugar.

  6. 1200/2p of Hand washes antiseptic soap.

  7. 1250 bottle of Sanitizer.

2. Distribution:

Distribution for 1200 Families who were registered in the registration phase.

We had distribution for 1050 families in our clinic project in karte nau and due to crowd of unregistered people and security reasons for the remaining 150 families house to house distribution done

The total population of mentioned 1200 families was about 8419, of which 5221 were children, 1768 were females, and the remaining 1430 were male.

This distribution was very urgent to save their lives from hunger and the spread of coronavirus during Ramazan.



Project Title: Support the Victims of Coronavirus In Kabul Afghanistan 

Implementing Agency: Development And Relief of Medical for Afghan Nation (DARMAN)

Project Location:​ Kabul province/Afghanistan.

Start Date: As soon as funds are available.

Duration: Project will be completed within 15 days after receiving the grant, and beneficiaries will be benefited for one month from this relief program.

Project Goal: Provision of food and preventive Materials to daily wage earners, servants, construction workers, daily laborers in Karte area of Kabul province.


“Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus named SARS-CoV-2 which is a new strain of a large family of viruses called Coronaviruses (CoV).”

It is important that in times like this we show solidarity and come forward to help the ones in need. DARMAN is on a mission to make Afghans more aware of and ready to fight the pandemic.

​Current situation

  1. Daily the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing in Afghanistan, the government figures are published around 62500 positive cases, but do not reflect reality, people getting ill and dying, but not wanting to go to the hospital for fear of maltreatment, reporting, further investigations, etc. One huge need in the country besides food was oxygen which is still going on. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) also reports millions of Afghan people are infected in the country but do not want to do the test of coronavirus. Due to this reason, all borders and flights are closed for normal travel. Just some patients (for whom treatment is not available in Afghanistan and who have a doctor’s document for out of country treatment) and those who have an emergency to go out or in and have Corona negative documents can travel.

  2. Lockdown is going on, but no one is caring. Life is normal, but when you walk on the street, many young guys, women, children, and old people will ask you for help. Schools, colleges, and universities opened for the annual exams and closed again, wedding halls and people gathering places are still closed in Kabul, and many construction companies did not re-start their construction works yet. Daily laborers returned from Iran and Pakistan, some small private construction work started, but these cannot provide jobs to this huge number of daily workers. So, due to all these reasons, scores of daily wage earners, servants, construction workers, and others have been adversely affected. They have no means of income to feed their families, most of these people are roaming the streets and markets to find help for feeding their families. Food and preventive materials are urgently needed to save these poor people’s lives from hunger and covid-19.

  3. It is important that in times like this we show solidarity and come forward to help the ones in need. DARMAN is on a mission to make Afghans more aware of and ready to fight the pandemic in Kart-e-nau area of Kabul province, where our office is located and projects are going on. We have started this work to find funds for the same.

  4. DARMAN is waving off its fee to ensure that every single dollar that you donate is utilized towards providing maximum aid. In these crucial times, it is essential that every resource and every dollar should reach the people who need it the most. We are playing our part.