Eyecare is an integral part of primary health care and a component of the basic package of health services.

In Afghanistan, it is estimated that over 400 000 people are blind and about 1.5 million are visually impaired.

However, if proper eye care facilities were established and maintained, about 80% of blindness is avoidable.

Every year, around 25.000 Afghans lose their vision in one eye, a condition mostly affecting females.

Cataract remains the main cause of blindness at 60%. Cataracts can be operated on through a simple procedure in outpatient clinics,

Afghanistan has a huge backlog of over 200.000 cases of cataracts mainly in the rural areas. Only 15.000 cataract surgeries are performed annually. In addition, injuries are also one of the common causes of blindness in Afghanistan.




This clinic will be open, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on six days a week for outpatients. After registration, patients will have an eye doctor consultation. Quick and qualified service will be provided. Basic treatment facilities and emergency service will be available in the Centre, medicine prescriptions will be dispensed by the hospital pharmacy.
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Some cases will be referred for confirmation of diagnosis to Laboratory, A/B scan, Refraction those patients need surgery they will refer to Surgical ward in hospital.
Special focus will be on awareness and education on basic health issues, such as nutrition (Vitamin A), and personal hygiene. This will play a strong preventative role in the community.
A small fee is charged to the patients when they register, but many will not be charged as they are too poor to pay for the treatment. Medicine will be provided free of charge extra charges will be raised for eyeglasses, laboratory tests and other diagnostic examination if required.



Provide 24-hour eye surgical cervices with 10 beds in the hospital. As required for sustainability we will charge the patients for doing surgery concerning the kind of surgery and medicine, but for poor patients, we have discounts and free charges packages as well.

The Surgeries are as in the following:

1. Cataract surgery (Phaco)
2. Sutureless cataract surgery
3. DCR (dacryocystorhinostomy) + Intubation
4. Different eyelid surgery
5. Ptrygium excision simple and Graft
6. Squint surgery
7. Glaucoma surgery
8. Open Glob surgery (Eye Trauma)

Darman Eye hospital

Darman Eye hospital

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